• The rare ruddy shelduck

    The rare ruddy shelduck

    A pair of ruddy shelducks (Tadorna ferruginea) remain wary at the photographic lens in the Aliki (salt marsh) of Naxos. It seems that for another year, these beautiful ducks returned to the area for breeding. The "duck of the islands", as it is commonly called, is found in lagoons and seasonal wetlands of northern Greece and the large Aegean islands, mainly in the estuary of Evros river, Lesvos, Samos and Kos. The fact that it has been breeding again at such a noisy wetland -next to the airport of Naxos- is crucial as ruddy shelduck is a rather cautious and rare species. It is almost touching to observe their behavior and this is because the male is particularly affectionate and protective towards his mate, always next to her and always alert, ready to perceive any danger. The photograph shows the male stretching his neck to observe us better, while the female seems to wait for his partner’s reaction.

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