• The overlooked clingfish

    The overlooked clingfish

    Among the known fish of the Greek seas, there are many more wonderful species, which due to size, go completely unnoticed. One of these is the two-spotted clingfish (Diplecogaster bimaculata subsp bimaculata), which is one of the smallest fish in greek seas, reaching only four centimeters long. It belongs to a class of fish with the general name clingfish and which in Greece are represented by six species. Their name comes from an instrument like a suction cup on their thoracic area that helps them to stick strongly to the rocks against the strong currents. Another distinct feature is that their eyes can look in different directions like chameleons do. The two-spotted clingfish lives on rocky bottoms bordered by gravel and inside posidonia meadows. Its favorite resting places are the inner shells of bivalve mollusks or gastropods, where they find protection. The two-spotted clingfish of the photograph from Donousa island rests in the interior of a banded dye-murex (Hexaplex trunculus) and the small pebbles next to it reflect the very small size of the fish.

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