• The demon of the black fritillary

    The demon of the black fritillary

    The beautiful scarlet lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii) of the Chrysomelidae family is is a parasitic insect that lives on every species of greek fritillaries. It is a beetle that parasitizes many species of the Liliaceae family -mainly lilies and fritillaries - as it feeds on the leaves and the flowers of the plants and lays eggs (up to 450) under the leaves. It is a Palearctic beetle that in recent years has also invaded North America, where its presence there has caused great damage to garden plants of the family Liliaceae. In Greece, you can easily observe the scarlet lily beetle, every spring, wherever there are fritillaries. A beautiful sight and subject for photography as the bright red color is highlighted even more with the dark flowers of the plant. Here a scarlet lily beetle on the impressive Black Fritillaria of Attica (Fritillaria obliqua subsp oblqua).

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