• King of the forest

    King of the forest

    After a tour through the alpines of Voras mountain, on the northern border of Greece, we came face to face with the most beautiful animal of our mountains. The return by car to the dirt road was at low speeds because the autumn forests hide numerous floral surprises. At a bend, quite close to the beech forest, a grey wolf slowly crossed the road heading for the peaks. He stood a few yards from the road, among the red ferns, and looked up in search of his companions. Slowly, he turned his head, looked at us as like a mere unexpected parameter in his walk, which he ought at any case to take into consideration, and turned back to the protection of the dense beech forest. There was no doubt who the king of the forest was. He was calm, fearless, big and beautiful. He was a wild wolf, and those were his lairs. The people of the surrounding villages informed us that the meeting with a wolf or even a small herd is relatively frequent in the region and that they also descend even to the plains. Yet, the locals have learned over the years to live with these wild animals and add that their frequent presence is related to the abandonment of the countryside by humans, while calling a joke the claims about "conservationists who let them loose", as "wolves have existed here forever". It is true that due to the borderline there is a relative human absence in the region. But more so the gradual abandonment of human activities in the forests, turn these areas into ideal habitats for wildlife. Or even more simply, give nature some space and it will be filled.

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