• A living dry leaf

    A living dry leaf

    The tripletail (Lobotes surinamensis) is a fish that appears relatively frequently in the Port of Skopelos island. It is a rather unknown and strange fish with very few encounters by fishermen or divers. The name tripletail comes from the form of three of its fins (dorsal, anal and caudal) as at their end look like three lobes resembling tails. The fish is originated in the waters of the East, from Japan to Australia, but over the years it has conquered all the temperate seas of the planet. It seems to have reached greek waters by following wandering objects, a typical behavior of the species. At a young age the fish has a yellowish color with dark spots looking like a dry leaf that floats, fooling its predators. The success of the chromatic and the morphological adaptation is increased by the behavior of the species, as it swims on the surface with the body sideways, just as a dead leaf would float. It usually lives in bays, lagoons, estuaries and calm waters. The regular presence of young individuals in the port of Skopelos proves that the tripletail has now settled in greek seas for good, although mature individuals have not yet been seen. When they grow up they become gray-green and reach the impressive size of one meter. (photo: Northern Sporades Journal).

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