• A fearless jay

    A fearless jay

    A jay (Garrulus glandarius) attacks with a vertical pounce on a rather unruffled buzzard (Buteo buteo) in the fir forests of Lakmos mountain. Although much smaller, jays are particularly dynamic and fearless. So when they see a bigger predator in their area they attack with quick, careful and flexible movements, turning away just before contact, until they drive away the intruder. The buzzards do not seem to be afraid but fly away in the end, more because they are annoyed by the constant mobbing of the jay. This particular jay needed only five virtual attacks to see the buzzard take off for a quieter perch. Many times jays organize group attacks, a behavior observed also in other crows, such as hooded crows and magpies, and they do not hesitate to fight even big eagles.

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