• Just waiting for mommy

    Just waiting for mommy

    A new-born brown bear close to the village of Dilofo of Zagori, stares in cofusion, and probably for the first time, the human species. Many times, during their walks in the dense mixed forests of Epirus, new-born brown bears break up from their mothers. After a while, however, as it happened in this case, they find their way and run to safety. The encounter with such a beautiful and sweet creature seems harmless, but the circumstances are totally deceiving. The inhabitants of Zagori, familiar with a lot of encounters with bears, argue that these large animals are generally harmless. Most of the times they escape in the opposite direction as soon as they meet a man. The most dangerous encounter though is with a new-born bear, because, most of the times, the mother remains hidden close by, ready to defend her descendant.

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